Derby Acces Scffolding Ltd’s contract hire and erect business is separated into six categories, these are as follows:

Private household and small build works

Commercial House Building

Commercial Construction

Local Authorities


Restoration / Conservation








1. Private household and small build works

We have structured our business so that we are still competitive in the private household and small build market.  over the last ten years we have built up many lasting relationships in this field that we hope have been mutually beneficial to all parties involved. As a company we intend to sustain these existing relationships and build many more in the future. This sector generally represents around 15% of our turnover.

2. Commercial House Building

As any scaffold contractor who has seriously been involved in this particular market place will attest to, it can be a very demanding environment for a scaffold contractor to work in. However over the last five years Ultrasafe Scaffolding Ltd has continuously engaged in medium to long term projects within this field. With the volume of stock that we hold, our policy of investment into new stock and the man power that we generally operate with at any one time we can sensibly commit to and work regularly and diligently at upto ten medium to large size housing sites, providing a sensible build programme is adhered to. The commercial house building sector represents generally 30% of our turnover.

3. Commercial Construction

Commercial construction sometimes can be as equally demanding as the house building sector although through our experience for slightly different reasons generally. Derby Access Scaffolding Ltd has a lot of experience in this field and has and does enjoy close relationships with the clients that we undertake work with. We believe this is due to the close working relationships we foster on a project with the relevant contract managers and site agents, allowing our management and operatives to build working relationships with other sub contract trades for the duration of a project. As we predominantly are a service industry this kind of close contact between trades makes problem solving much easier and the project run more smoothly providing an outcome we hope whereby our clients loose as little time as possible and hopefully complete a project on time. In some instances with problem solving solutions to access problems we have been able to save our clients money instead of being a perceived redundant cost/necessary evil as is sometimes the case with regards scaffolding on a build project. It is for this attitude towards our clients and their projects that Ultrasafe Scaffolding Ltd gains repeat business from our clients in this field the majority of the time. Commercial construction generally represents 35% of our turnover.

4. Local Authoorities

This division of our works generally comes under three categories, those being:
maintenance, repair and refurbishments. Although from time to time we are asked to undertake projects that break from the norm of a civil engineering nature that in itself can be quite varied. Local authority work represents around 10% of our turnover.

5. Industrial

For our clients within this field our operations are generally solutions to access problems of a repair or maintenance nature. At present this kind of work represents a small portion of our annual turnover. With our experience and resources however we are keen to expand this side to our contracting business so as to form a major part of our annual income. Industrial services represents approximately 5% of our turnover at present.

6. Restoration

When you consider the nature of most restoration/conservation projects incorporating the use of specialist trades/tradesman for large aspects of the works this can be a comparatively expensive form of building or construction when viewed with new build projects in mind. Within this field of works scaffold operations are normally to listed buildings or listed structures. Through our experience with works of this nature in certain circumstances we have been able to offer our clients cost saving alternatives to access/structural problems that arise in what is an extremely specialised environment through innovation and our design department. Conservation and restoration represents approximately 5% of our turnover at present. We are keen to expand on this area of our business also.

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